Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality has become the order of the present times. People are running after technology that is more sophisticated than the previous one.  Had someone prophesied about the arrival of virtual reality, people would have had a hard time in believing the idea. But today all of us are into it. Almost every single person here would have experienced Virtual reality at least once. This means that there is a reasonable spread in technology almost everywhere. So if there is one place where virtual reality is used to its fullest, then it is the gaming field.

Almost all the gaming software applications use both the 2D and 3D versions. Earlier when 3D was introduced into gaming people found it jaw-dropping but now with the introduction of Virtual reality almost all jaws dropped wondering how much more can human brain explore technology. Having said this, let us now explore the role of virtual reality and its far-reaching impact on gaming.

Virtual Reality Gaming

History of Virtual Reality Gaming:

If we have to explain virtual reality gaming in simple terms, VR gaming is nothing but getting way more interactive with the 3D figures that appear in the gaming field. This enables the user to personalize with the game better. With every growing day, the technology in Virtual reality is getting better than the previous day. There are different versions of reality games that are in existence. The Virtual Reality games that started out small are now occupying the lion’s share in the gaming field. The idea of virtual reality gaming first started out in the 1800s. It isn’t believable, is it?  Virtual reality experts believe that the idea of virtual reality dawned right after the idea of photography came into existence. However, VR gaming was practically put to use roughly only in the 1980s.

Virtual reality vs. Augmented Reality:

Before we understand the difference, since we will repeat the terms a lot, let’s from henceforth call them as VR and AR respectively.

Most of the people who are into technology do not rightly understand the words AR and VR. They either misuse the terms or use the terms interchangeably and every bit you already know about them goes pointless. We are living in a world where understanding technology is of paramount importance unless you are above 80 years old. We are living in a world where the 60s use technology like 16s. Though this is appreciable, it is testing the stand of technology. So let’s get back to the point.


VR is a representation of 3D images in the form of real-life environment. The concepts and ideas of simulation take place in areas like the military base, air-force warfares, pilot training sessions and much more. These simulations walk the person through an animated real-life scenario, and the environment reacts to the way in which the person responds to the present actions of the environment. Though the situation is imaginary, you can see them coming to life right in front of you.


I wouldn’t call AR a very much different technology as such. The factors that act as the base are the same. However, AR serves a different purpose. In fact, if you ask me AR is much simpler than VR. While you can practically get into a VR zone and experience, AR isn’t anything like that. AR builds layers of 2D images into enhanced 3D images and lets the person see it on the larger screen. In simple terms, the user cannot penetrate into the AR world.


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