I know that someone on the show mentioned the game (I think it was Matt, maybe Todd) and I wrote a review for it earlier this week, so here ya go!

Tetris DS Review

Chances are, you’ve played Tetris somewhere else, whether it is on your cell phone, Game Boy, or computer, Tetris has been on nearly every gaming platform in existence. Earlier this year it made its way to the DS, and now you can play it anywhere… again.

Tetris DS is packing a light mix of six different spins on the classic Tetris formula. As an added bonus, every level is themed with retro Nintendo games like Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, and Balloon Fight. The six games range in entertainment value from brilliant to boring. Modes that stick to the tried-and-true formula tend to be better than new and stranger ideas.

Push mode, where one player forms lines to push his opponent down past a line, is like a fun Tetris tug-of-war. Mission is a mode where you are pressed for time and you have to complete objectives like “clear two lines with the square brick”. In the middle of the good and bad is Touch, where you move Tetriminos with the stylus in order to clear a large tower of bricks.

Puzzle mode has to be the worst of the bunch. In this mode you select Tetriminos (the falling bricks) in a stack and try to clear them all. Catch is another odd twist where you rotate a stack of bricks and catch falling bricks – basically the reverse of normal Tetris.

Thankfully, this game is online. The Nintendo Wifi play offers three modes, which are playable for practice in single player. From my personal experience, playing online can be difficult because there isn’t a matchmaking system. You might end up playing someone who is a lot better than you because this feature is not included.

Tetris also has a single card multiplayer where you can send multiplayer modes to friends who don’t own the game. This is another feature of the DS that developers need to start to utilize much more often. You can send the game to (get this) up to 10 DS owners who don’t own the game! That would certainly be a frantic game of Tetris, that’s for sure.

As a big Nintendo fan, I really enjoy the art of the game. In the standard Tetris mode, throughout the first 200 lines the top screen displays a game like Mario Bros. from the NES. Every time you get rid of a line, Mario moves forward a screen. This feature is interesting, but useless. While playing intense Tetris, you won’t have time to glance at the top screen at all. That said, some of the fan service goes a little bit overboard with oddball themes like Yoshi’s Cookie, an obscure SNES game.

Tetris DS offers a solid gameplay experience. Some of the game modes are a bit lame, but overall it’s a fun game. It gets a 7 out of 10, because as good as it is, there are better DS games out there.


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